Based on a true story…

In the outskirts of Moscow, a hovel sits wedged between two gleaming mansions. It reeks of mold and wet fur, and dark things long hidden. You could almost forget it’s there, until a hapless stranger passes by and chaos explodes, walls rattling and nails scraping as howls fill the street. Children whisper that beyond the small, rusty door lies the bloody entrance to hell.

Inside, a demon is possessed by his relentless pursuit of Perfection, and the alchemy of muscle, bone, and fang. The stray dogs pulled through his gate each day are just a means to an end, never to be seen again. But they can be heard. The low whines, and keening cries. The high, panicked yaps, and abrupt silence that follows.

Close by, but a world away, Felix Razgul gazes down from his marble balcony. In his hand, the leash that once belonged to his beloved Borzoi, Misha. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Muscovites have been abandoned to their poverty and desperation, and Felix fears impending disaster if the madman is left unchecked. If only he could overcome the nauseous fear that rises each time he stares into the devil’s eyes…

Unfortunately, courage is little help when faced with pure evil, and Moscow’s stray dogs might not be the only thing on the menu.

The villagers stand huddled at the edge of the river, frozen by the sight before them.

Horrific. Inexplicable. Monstrous.

Who would do such a thing?

The townspeople have become used to vagrants lurking in their streets since the fall of the Soviet Union, while witless officials shake their heads at mounting unsolved crimes. But the river sees everything. The drunks, and the abusers. The poachers and thieves. The children who walk into the twilight, and never return.

So many secrets trapped in its dark, icy depths, now all rising to the surface.

Up river, Sasha Karpov wrestles with the past; those times he’d rather forget, and the memories that leave his body flushed and sparkling with excitement. He’s not a bad person, so he says, but his shameful secrets will go with him to the grave. Unless of course, the river speaks for him.

Step into Jack Darby’s terrifying world, where sorrow and despair meet hope, or the illusion of it, and you will surely be getting a taste of what the young writer has to offer. While reading him you won’t think he’s built is all on absolutely no indigene foundation.

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